Product Sourcing & Purchasing

Product Sourcing & Purchasing


Firefly is the leader in sourcing and purchasing quality construction materials and products from the Asian market, helping Australian business build on time and with reduced costs.We help research and develop products from the beginning, ensuring quality control and the highest possible manufacturing processes. We work closely with factories and suppliers to ensure consistent and high volumes of supply. On your behalf, we can research products, conduct factory audits, supply samples and prototypes, and negotiate the best prices with trusted suppliers. Producing products with detailed quality control reports is part of our routine top tier service. We can ship materials using door to door logistics so you’re always one step ahead of the competition. one our major partner in china is delivering over 600 million dollars of LED product in the world with mayor client base like Aldi, Costco, walmart, Carrefour, LG, Sumsang, many more.

Development Management Services

Development Management Services


Firefly Development Management lend you their expertise through advisory services suiting a range of residential, commercial, and industrial construction projects. Our full-featured development management uses world-class planning systems and methodologies. Our time honoured and responsive methods ensure high quality material sourcing, cost-effective allocation of resources, and timely delivery of projects. Our services in development management include development feasibility studies, master planning, design consulting, construction phase resource allocation, construction management, marketing and sales campaigns, and funding advice. We tailor all our developments to client specifications, ensuring all projects are a success from start, to finish, and beyond.

Project Management Services

Project Management Services


Keeping a construction project on time, on budget, and with the best result is crucial to any business who relies on real estate to generate and perpetuate business. Firefly Project Management is a body of experts with decades of experience in running and managing large-scale construction projects for some of Australia’s biggest companies such as Aldi, Chemmart, 7-Eleven, and more.From the purchase of land to coordinating resources both material and human, Firefly project management is the trusted choice in construction project management. We ensure a smooth construction operation that goes according to a comprehensive and expertly designed plan. From design to breaking ground; to overseeing development and marketing your build, you can always be sure you and your stakeholders are getting exactly what they want and need with a quality Firefly managed project.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Firefly Asia Pacific Pty Ltd., and leaders in Australian materials purchasing, project management, and development management for construction and real estate. Overseeing dozens of successful, large-scale building projects, we’ve implemented a comprehensive and meticulous planning process of sourcing or management  to ensure on time, on-budget, and quality delivery of all projects we undertake. Our planning and project management services undertake development feasibility surveys, down to the last detail planning, and marketing and sales campaigns so your project has the greatest chance of success. We tailor our service to the needs of our valued clients, so you can rest assured Firefly will deliver everything you envision and beyond.


Firefly is about relationships first. Our dedicated team of project managers have guided blue-chip and leading companies toward quality and cost-effective construction project outcomes. We’re with you every step of the way in constant communication so you can be apprised of all the developments when they emerge. Our team is highly qualified and renowned in the industry. We have decades of experience in project and development management, reflecting our ability in recognising opportunities, leading with strengths, and mitigating challenges so we can lead your project toward a successful conclusion.

We go beyond the big picture so we can understand the exact requirements of your project and what your stakeholders expect upon completion. We work with large consultancies, contractors, subcontractors, sales agents, investors, tenants, and all stakeholders so they can be assured we’re meeting – even exceeding – expectations.

As we have a team based overseas, we can work with developers both from Australia and abroad. We also have forged strong connections with local and overseas banking and lending institutions to give you wider choice on funding your project. We can help with structuring your development company with cost-effective company structures using our trusted and accredited accounting firms.  We have a national network of experts ready to plan and manage projects of any size. Our team have ongoing relationships with planning authorities in major cities so we can navigate planning regulations and due diligence requirements with ease.

While planning for your project, we conduct feasibility studies to ensure your project is a value add at every step. We work tirelessly to make sure your project is delivered within your specified timeframe, on-budget, and with an unsurpassed quality that our clients expect.


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